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DAV Sr. Sec. School Public School has always been a pioneering partner in all educational, cultural and social initiatives since its establishment in 1991. It is twenty years to school & we still have high dreams of another illuminating world of glory & humanity & we have commitments & convictions to flourish the tree of education to make the whole world Arya Jasal. During the past many years , school has worked with undiminished zest to leave the footprints on the sand of time.. The school has showed a remarkable progress through performing various activities which has become the hallmark of perfection in the field of education.

Today DAV Sr. Sec. Public School has become an iconographic portrait in the field of education in the society & now it is well known for its everlasting creativity, academic & cultural achievements , relentless , selfless community works. The school is committed to nurture all its students with the inspired ethics, holy traditions & versatile modernity & self discipline with utmost devotion to spread divine light of education in each & every troubled heart.

Our school is not in the race of proving to be good , better or best, but has pledged to take up every cause which is needed for the upliftment & reform of society through education.

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Vedic knowledge is the main aim of D.A.V. organization. The above mentioned quotation is symbolic of DAV principles & is taken from Upnishads. It means that we should move from ignorance, falsehood & darkness towards the truth & enlightenment. The success , mental peace , prosperity & enlightenment is possible only with the help of the preaching of Vedas & upnishads. “Brahmcharya” is the base of human life & it ranges from the birth to the age of 25. The progress & prosperity of human being stops with falsehood which leads to the fall of his conscience & therefore he dooms towards his end & destruction. The real meaning of this saying is the movement from ignorance & darkness towards the knowledge & enlightenment. One must have faith, trust, knowledge of every subject & good character for the all round development of his personality. Only then we can fulfill our goal of knowledge & enlightenment after shedding the darkness of ignorance. D.A.V. organization hereby helps the students to inculcate good values & imbibe the real meaning of the above mentioned teaching to lead them to the right path of their lives.

Mr S.M. Gupta -Treasurer(D.A.V.C.M.C.) , Manager

"The true object of education is to train one to think clearly and act rightly" and this is what the students of D.A.V. Ashok Vihar believe in. It's heartening to note that the school is bringing out the latest issue of its Newsletter 'Legacy'. The school has several achievements to its credit, not only in the field of academics but also in the field of social service, sports & cultural sphere.The students have achieved excellence in all the spheres. While imparting quality education to all the students, it is also imperative to inculcate in them a sense of taking the competition in the life in its true spirit with ascends & descends without being driven to despair. I'm sure you are successful in your endeavour.

Dr. N.K. Uberoi - Vice President (D.A.V.C.M.C.) , Chairman (D.A.V.Sr.Sec. Public School) since its birth

Dr. N.K. Uberoi: The world is now exponentially advancing in the field of science & technology & I'm enormously proud of the fact that DAV Ashok Vihar embraces quite a few of the leading disciplines launched in other schools that we are energetically traversing on new areas of knowledge. The institute has contributed significantly during the last two decades by gaining excellence in the field of education. It is due to the untiring efforts of faculty members & the learning quest for knowledge of our students, the school has gained the reputation as one of the leading institutions in Delhi & it is now striving hard to join ranks of the best schools in Delhi .

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