Examination and Evaluation System Assesment Schedule

In order to have a continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) for the growth and development of the child in various areas of learning set in the curriculum, we have changed our examination system.


There will be NO UNIT EXAMS for classes as tests are not accurate ways of measuring students abilities.
•   The syllabus has been divided on monthly basis.
•   The Student will have assignment worksheet of every subject regularly in class based on the syllabus covered in that month. This will enable the teacher to measure the child's progress on her observations over the whole year.
•   Report Cards will be given after every three months i.e.in the month of August, December, and March, providing the feedback about the achievement of the student there by communicating to the parents about the development of their child in different area.
•   The Students will be passed and promoted on the basis of their performance throughout the year.


•   The syllabus has been divided into 2 semesters.
•   Semester 1 and Semester 2 comprise of formative assessment and summative assessment.
•   The Report card will be shown to parents twice after the completion of semester 1 & 2 respectively.


C.B.S.E launching with C.C.E system, has put on us a large responsibility to combinely evaluate a volunteer on a scholastic and co-scholastic basis.
SCHOLASTIC: Including all the 6 subjects and 3 additional categories added to it as work experience, Art education and physical education which will be assessed through Formative and Summative test throughout the year.
Formatives: 5 in number in one session ,will be activity, creativity, power point presentations, projects, visits, MCQ, objective test and else based.
Summative: 2 in number in one session. It is half yearly and final is a paper and pen test based on objectivity and subjectivity.
CO-SCHOLASTIC: It comprises of
•   Life Skils
•   Attitudes
•   Clubs
•  Health and Physical Education
Life Skill(5 point grade scale): A lot of thrust has been put on imparting life skills where a student need to uplift himself/ herself socially, emotionally, and morally.
Attitude (3 point grade scale): Values are the key to any individual personality. It is imperative to understand that now education is an integration of social concern and environment concern.
Clubs (3 point grade scale): They form the integral part of the curriculum now. Students have every chance to excel in the field of their interest realizing their hobbies and potential.
Health and physical education (3 point grade scale): Sports though was evaluated but was a subsidiary part which CBSE now has made a comprehensive system in the new scheme. Students here will get a plinth to realize their goals if they are really good at sports section.
*In all its important to understand that the whole frame counts upon personality grooming, making an individual smart and exposed at every front, whether it is scholastic or co- scholastic.
* Its all going to be grading system. No marks will be allotted to any child.


A1 Above 90 10 Outstanding
A2 81-90 9 Excellent
B1 71-80 8 V.Good
B2 61-70 7 Good
C1 51-60 6 Fair
C2 41-50 5 Satisfactory
D 33-40 4 Unsatisfactory
E1 21-32 - Unsatisfactory
E2 0-20 - Unsatisfactory

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